Rock the Violence


Music is the language of change and Rock the ViolenceTM aims to utilize its power to strengthen our communities and stem the onslaught of gun violence.

Partnering with musicians, sports figures and other notable celebrities, Rock the ViolenceTM aims to make a direct impact on our country from the community on up.

Rock the ViolenceTM is a campaign of hope, focusing on the root causes of the gun violence problem including:

  • Gangs and gang culture
  • Drug use and the drug trade
  • Guns and their use, as well as their importation into Canada and the problem of trafficking them on the street
  • Overburdened social services, police, courts and other public service agencies
  • The complex network of underlying causes that lead people to behave in violent or anti-social ways

We will raise awareness through music, media and programming created to speak directly to our target demographic – the youth on the street – providing education, support and mentoring.