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Canadian rock icons 54-40 partner with Rock the ViolenceTM in a campaign to stem gun violence in our communities.

Canadian Rockers 54-40 Let ‘One Gun’ Do The Talking
Canadian Rockers 54-40 Let ‘One Gun’ Do The Talking

Rock the ViolenceTM is a new campaign launched by Craig Knight (founder of Razor magazine) in an effort to stem gun violence in our communities. Barely a day goes by without some reminder of the pain and damage caused by gun violence and most agree on the seriousness of the issue – the debate is on the best way to address it. Do we need more police on the street? Are tougher gun control laws the answer? Do we need better grass-roots community programs? 

54-40 let ‘One Gun’ do the talking

Canadian rockers 54-40 have provided Rock the Violence with their song ‘One Gun‘ which we are using as part of a radio program to raise awareness of the issue and to start dialogue on ways to combat it.

Rock the ViolenceTM would like you to join us in a Canada-wide campaign to raise awareness and generate dialogue that can open the door to positive development, opportunities for youth, safe and supportive communities and poverty reduction.  Our goal is to stem the progression of violence in our communities by:

  • Raising public awareness through music and events
  • Increasing access to quality resources and programming within the community
  • Improving coordination of youth services at a neighbourhood level
  • Working in partnership with community organizations, the corporate sector, themedia and other partners to create a safer future.

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