Our Team

10399746_10153919264297534_8311013843930725314_nCraig Knight – Founder, President & CEO

Craig Knight is committed to the organization’s success, pledging to make a significant contribution to its goals and development. Mr. Knight is the co-founder of Rock the ViolenceTM and brings with him many years experience in the media sector. As the creator and founder of several publications (most notable Razor magazine and Fit Parent magazine), Mr. Knight has an entrepreneurial spirit that has served him well in launching businesses from concept to – not only delivery – but to consumer satisfaction. Mr. Knight is also a filmmaker, a writer, a comic book creator and a marketing and design specialist. A musician himself, Mr. Knight is familiar with its communicative powers and its ability to generate passion and change.


Benefits of Being a Founding Partner

Corporate sponsorship is not a new idea. For many years, businesses have donated money to charitable organizations that serve their community. In fact, many Fortune 500 corporations maintain dedicated corporate social responsibility departments whose sole mission is to identify charitable agencies with which the company will align. For small business owners, pursuing corporate sponsorship opportunities can be a shrewd decision, providing many benefits.

Increased Visibility And Revenue

Perhaps the biggest advantage given to the Founding Partner or any businesses that sponsor charitable organizations and events is the increased visibility gained throughout the community. In exchange for a financial donation, a corporation’s name and logo are included on all mailings, advertisement and other promotional material produced by the non-profit. In the case of a Founding/funding Partner, you become synonymous with the cause itself. You participate in all media and never is the cause mentioned without the names of the founding partners.

The increase visibility of a company’s name and logo leads to increased brand recognition throughout the community. An easily recognized brand makes closing sales all the more effortless. Increased sales equals increased revenue.

Charitable Image

When a business donates to worthy local causes, such as Rock the ViolenceTM, its image is often enhanced in the public’s perception. No longer considered as simply a profit-seeking corporation, a business’ investment in the community signals a commitment and concern for its neighbours.

Many consumers make purchasing decisions based upon this quality. Residents of a community will often show favour to local businesses. In many cases, they will go out of their way to support companies that support that community.


It is not uncommon for perks to be obtained by corporations that sponsor charitable organizations. For example, a business may donate money to assist in the production of a non-profit agency’s benefit gala. In return, the corporation will receive tickets to the event, where they will be served a multicourse dinner. They will often be given gift bags filled with unique and sometimes expensive items, such as electronic devices or gift certificates. In addition, they may be given the opportunity to meet one-on-one with celebrity guests who may be attending, hosting or performing. There may also be a special area open to them where they may network with VIP attendees. This provides the donating firm with opportunities for business development.

How YOU benefit from becoming a founding/funding partner

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Brand differentiation
  • Change/strengthen brand image
  • Creating company or product awareness and visibility
  • Driving retail traffic or sales
  • Highlighting community responsibility, or corporate social responsibility
  • Building new and deeper community networks
  • Enhancing company’s credibility and educating the public about products and services
  • The opportunity to have the public sample a new product or provide demonstration of a product or service
  • Entertaining clients (can be important when sponsoring cultural or athletic events)
  • Targeting a niche market
  • Recruiting, retaining or motivating employees
  • Fostering talent and teaching new skills to employees